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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vegan Apple-Raspberry Bat Shaped Mini Pie!

The Challenge:

A mini apple pie shaped like a bat.

I'm throwing a batman movie marathon that will include about 24 hours of pure batman movies. Starting with the 1943 black and white Batman Serials, the 1953 Batman and and Robin and moving into classics like the 1966 Adam West Batman until ending on the more recent renditions.

Every minute of such epic-ness needs some kind of food or at least treats to get the sitters through this daunting task (trust me, not all of the Batman movies are very watchable). What would be more appropriate than bat shaped pies?

I found this wicked copper cookie cutter that allowed me to shape the dough and pre-cook the crust enough to provide filling. I thought it might
be possible to use it to make a small pie by filling it with dough, mushing around the corners, cutting a top and pre baking the main crust for about five minutes and the top for two at 400 degrees. Filling with cut up apples, agave and raspberry preserves...baking at 300 for another five minutes and BAM...bat shaped vegan pie!

The pie crust I use is the same I posted on this post.

Chop up enough apple to fill each individual bat.

If you want to make a few bats with the same cookie cutter... pre-bake the crusts, fill, and then assemble and bake them all at once.

So for when it's time to turn off the bat signal...dig in...NOM.

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